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The morning stand is when you switch it from the morning through your sleep like a transmission box, and the toilet is still not the one.

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[1] What is the NG?
2nd Hz
1 is shuffle?
[2] is not
and clearly
[3]Children, can you explain to me what has just happened between you over the exchange of symbols of the Russian alphabet and did this dialogue make any sense?

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A: The Ping
B: The Pong
A: Their offer
B is OK)
B – 30 towns. horizontally, 20 degrees up, speed 24 km/h, starting point 30 cm above the right corner of the table
A: Chief
B: A hero to yourself! I rejected!

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He is:
Damn you that soybeans need to be thrown into boiling vodka, so I cook right :R
She is:
You are good.
He is:
You are my mistress.)
She is:
I think the sauce is good, yes, and I give it in the ass)))You think the sauce is wrong cooking
He is:
This fact is not to be disputed.

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Night Muse: in my opinion, the most gemor with distinct princes and principalities, i.e. fragmentation
DimaS: It’s a shit.
The Night Muse. At first he was sitting there, but then he was expelled, then his cousin was sitting there on the line of his mother...the giga, in short, Santa Barbara rests.
DimaS: DOM2)))))
Night Muse: The Prince's Table 2: Build Your Destiny

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Conversation with Mom:
Go clean up so that when I come back it will be clean. Close up all your dwarfs, let them help.
Do you see them too?
I feel like I am burning...

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The parents realized what shit was waiting for their apartment at the NH at the moment when they saw that four days before their departure, I was thoroughly purchasing mineral water.

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Finn (14:17:27 31/10/2007)
What are you doing?
Lilya (14:17:56 31/10/2007)
The boss ordered one thing to do.
Finn (14:18:25 31/10/2007)
The secret?
Lilya (14:18:46 31/10/2007)
Until I do, I will not say.
Finn (14:18:59 31/10/2007)
Your mouth is busy?
Lilly Offline

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Good afternoon Alexey, like the head?and :)

Hi, I did not understand the question.)

You know, I understand that we are linked only a small project, and I can't blame you for anything, but still :)

mm read the histories, in the last message you asked to unsubscribe for soap, I already sent a letter, I will not understand you.

What did you drink yesterday? read the story when you enter Windows :)

Eee, the beer drank) Truth about 3.14 liters :-[ ] And winoves here and what?)

Well you can understand, when you 2 times in a row mistaken by the window, writing to me, I quote:"is the same way in a speed coder))",and later:"indus impotent)You on the rice plantations to cheat all your life and not to code) computer company "Perdoplastics"Nah))";;


I have the habit of reading messages in pop-ups, and answering them in the current open, I apologize :-[

:)it's nothing,but when you started with admiration to tell about the fact that you launched XP in Parallels Workstation ONLY in order to launch qip ONLY because you can set up a status picture in it - a clarification,and really,I noticed this clarification later with the comment "I've not put up in leopard coftan".And then I started to doubt the adequacy of Ukrainian testers:)

Good luck to your project :D

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X: Is your husband there next door?
Y: He’s been up for 20 minutes.
X in the meaning?
y: In the sense, I turned my ass to the Fayan modem and pinched the sewage... but why does it seem to me that it hangs =(

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The classmate asked to break the screw, came, broke, at the same time put Radmin, that then to chase....Call, Mr. Myrtle does not go, come to install...I fell, Mr. Ru, just wrestle the computer....She rubs, I adjust, girl in shock....Speaks you like, and I take and crack:"there is a proga ta, she finds a problem and will destroy..."
I come to school the next day, half of the high school is already waiting for me....And everything is like one:"Set up and me..."
It is Megabogg!!I have now even a class computer under control...and almost 120GB of...

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Jazz is
Status: Fuck you, fuck you fired.

You know, your status and the birthday ball next to him do not match.

Jazz is
It’s not a ball, it’s Gandalf and it symbolizes my director.

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Nelly :
Yesterday, we saw Windows Vista on the window in the Epoch store. When I started pointing my finger at her and roasting the boys, the sellers turned red and began to shout: "It's not us, it's our boss fool."

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The VKontakte Group:
The club admired by the talent and beauty of the soloist of the group Tokio hotel Bella Kaulitz.

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XXX: Who are you working for?
YYY: dick, odminom
Where do you get the new weather? Are the goods paid?
YYY: So I play actively on the stock market
XXX: Do you work on FIG?
YYY: You know, one old Jew said, “If I were a king, I would have lived better than the king. I’d have a little more!"

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Happ, where can I put the files?
Yippidy yi yi yi yippity yay.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! to
YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! In the ifolder hall!!! to

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How was the morning?

It is disgusting! Considering that you broke your leg in the morning, two hours before the start and all the aunts refused to play snowmen!

I pulled the little boy out of the house, forced our florist to work on him.

It must have been a beautiful girl! You have a thin...

Yes it is nice. Just read what the first-class wishes of Santa Claus. by Fuck! Every second fool writes: "Father Christmas, turn the Snowmen back into a girl, or she says that her eggs are frozen in such a pale half-sleeve."

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[14:10:26] <northonika.> Bad_Rabbit: now there was a crowd of students, a man ten, singing with an unstructured male choir "the idea of soldiers on the gooorood..." I am in tears of you)

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xxx is.
This weekend will be a new year.

Stop in these???? to

xxx is.
Good morning!

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XXX: The protection of the course?
XXX is no. I will not protect her!
XXX: Let it run out!

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